Arai Group Tokyo Institute of Technology


Message for students

COVID-19 made us realize the importance of a safe and secure society. The role of electrical and electronic engineering in protecting this irreplaceable society is critical. One of the primary missions of our group is to cooperate with many people in different fields and develop electrical and electronic engineering human resources who can lead the creation of such a sustainable society.

To that end, research activities should not be viewed simply as a place to absorb knowledge and technology. Instead, we will explore ways to sublimate them into homes to create new added value in collaboration with colleagues. We believe that mere teaching of knowledge only creates an effect proportional to the time spent. Instead, if colleagues can inspire each other, each individual can expect exponential growth.

Also, for you to play an active role in various fields regardless of your career path after graduation or completion, we will mobilize all the knowledge and experience that Prof. Arai has cultivated at a strategy consulting firm, and I will give you some examples below. We aim to create an environment where students can comprehensively develop transferable abilities.

The central research theme of our group, “quantum and informatics,” is the keyword for the next-generation society, which is attracting tremendous attention these days. Therefore, let us pursue the above goals together, using this hot theme as a springboard.




「量子と情報」という本研究室の主要テーマは、昨今注目を集めている次世代社会のキーワードです。 この熱いテーマを恰好の題材として、上記の目標を一緒に追求していきましょう。