Arai Group Tokyo Institute of Technology


If you are interested in working in/with our group, please contact Keigo Arai ([at]

Prospective Postdoctoral Researchers

Our group welcomes candidates for a postdoctoral research position in quantum sensing and informatics. Potential research topics include diamond quantum sensing, machine learning, and quantum computation. Post-doc candidates who are interested in our group should send a curriculum vitae.

Candidates are encouraged to apply for research funding. Please feel free to contact us to discuss potential research topics for the funding proposal.

Prospective Students

We are happy to have both graduate and undergraduate students involved in our group. Please check our Education page for what you will be able to learn in our group.



We are interested in collaborating with corporates.

To ensure a diverse workforce and further reinforce its education quality, research capabilities, and organizational strength, Tokyo Institute of Technology guarantees equal opportunities and treatment for individuals regardless of nationality or gender in all areas of research.